Welcome to BEI-2024

BEI-2024, an official conference of the Bridge Engineering Institute (BEI), is a forum for international researchers and practitioners around the world. State-of-the-art knowledge on bridge engineering and related fields will be discussed with distinguished speakers in plenary and parallel sessions.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Time and Venue

Date: Summer 2022

Venue: National University of Singapore

Address: 9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore, 119241

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Important dates

Abstract submission: To be announced
(each registration may cover up to two abstracts/presentations upon acceptance)

Acceptance of Abstracts: To be announced

Manuscript submission: To be announced

Revision of manuscripts: To be announced

Acceptance of Manuscripts: To be announced

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Conference Themes

The main theme of BEI-2024 is Sustainability in Bridge Engineering, which will be composed of plenary lectures, parallel sessions, panel discussions, and exhibitions concerning bridge engineering and related fields. Call for abstracts on session themes is as follows

1. Construction materials

2. Mechanics of materials

3. Laboratory- and large-scale testing

4. Modeling and analysis

5. Construction, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation

6. Application of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites

7. Reliability investigations

8. Soil-structure interaction

9. Dynamics, earthquake, wind, impact, and vibration control

10. Structural health monitoring/non-destructive testing

11. Design and innovation

12. Railway bridges

13. Pedestrian bridges

14. Load characteristics

15. Management and life cycle-cost analysis

16. Accelerated bridge construction (ABC)

17. Research and development

18. Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)

19. fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC)

20. Other emerging topics

Plenary Speakers (to be updated)

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Proposals for mini-symposia will be accepted (email: bei_institute@outlook.com).

Official language

English is the official language of the conference


Manuscripts (four pages maximum) to be submitted will be reviewed by experts in the subject areas. Accepted manuscripts will be published in the Proceedings of BEI-2024

The authors are required to follow the following publication ethics: 1) Significant findings that can contribute to the advancement of scientific and engineering knowledge are presented; 2) Each manuscript submitted has detailed and valuable contents for others to repeat and confirm the accuracy; 3) Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in any circumstance; 4) Criticism due to personal reasons is not acceptable; 5) All authors must contribute to the manuscript in terms of writing, ideas, physical testing, and the like; 6) Commercial contents need to be avoid; and 7) Generally acceptable guidelines in the research community are respected


The Proceedings of BEI are registered in the United Stated Congress Library under ISSN 2689-2804 and indexed.

Registration (to be announced)

Name badges

Only registered attendees with name badges will be permitted to attend BEI-2022 functions


BEI will provide a letter of invitation to those who need a Visa to attend the conference (email: bei_institute@outlook.com)


There are many hotels in Singapore. If one wants to stay on campus, the following will be available (3-10 minutes of walking to the venue):

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For reservation, please email your name, number of persons, paper ID, and preferred units (PGPR, RVRC, Kent Ridge Hall, and Sheres Hall) at bei_institute@outlook.com

Becoming a sponsor

BEI-2024 is one of the major conferences in bridge engineering and related fields. Your company will have a great opportunity to communicate with leading bridge engineers and owners as well as with conference delegates. Spaces for exhibition will be provided for you to promote products and services concerning the technical specialties of your company. Social events of the conference will be another exciting chance to attract the participants of the conference. Your support will be officially acknowledged whenever available during the course of the conference, which will maximize the visibility of your company. For further information and sponsorship, please contact the organizers of the conference (email: bei_institute@outlook.com).

Conference Chair

Yail Jimmy Kim (USA)

Organizing Committee

Kian Hau Kong (Singapore)

Min-Hong Zhang (Singapore)

Kiang Hwee Tan (Singapore)

Isamu Yoshitake (Japan)

Vanissorn Vimonsatit (Australia)

Xuhui He (China)

International Scientific Committee (Alphabetical order)

Riadh S Al-Mahaidi (Australia)

Toshihiko Aso (Japan)

Shanaka Kristombu Baduge (Australia)

Brahim Benmokrane (Canada)

Steve Cai (USA)

NY Chang (USA)

Mark Green (Canada)

Issam Harik (USA)

Sung-gul Hong (Korea)

William Wai Yeong Huen (Australia)

Venkatesh Kodur (USA)

Hyuk Lee (Australia)

Guangcheng Long (China)

Urs Meier (Switzerland)

Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi (Japan)

John Myers (USA)

Antoine Naaman (USA)

Antonio Nanni (USA)

Steven Nolan (USA)

Seeram Ramakrishna (Singapore)

Saiid Saiidi (USA)

Rafat Siddique (India)

Jim Shiau (Australia)

Myoungsu Shin (Korea)

Johan L Silfwerbrand (Sweden)

Jongsung Sim (Korea)

Ertugrul Taciroglu (USA)

Dan Tobias (USA)

Mark Williams (USA)

Weichen Xue (China)

Qiang Yuan (China)

Conference Secretariat

Yongcheng Ji (China)