The BEI Paper Award

The Award recognizes Members of the Institute who have published outstanding papers in the Proceedings of the Institute's conferences and symposia. The members of the Award Committee appointed by the Executive Committee shall review the quality of papers and select three papers. The Awardees shall attend the conference/symposium to receive the Award in person.


BEI-2019: Study on aerodynamic characteristics and running safety of train passing through the wake of bridge tower
Jinfeng Wu, Xiaozhen Li, Qing Tang, and C. S. Cai

BEI-2019: Aerodynamic interference between high-speed train and truss girder long-span bridge in cross winds
Xuhui He, Huan Li, and Hanfeng Wang

BEI-2019: Performance of bridges with foundation exposure under near-fault seismic demands
Shin-Tai Song and Chih-Chun Huang